We all know how hard to paint on a ladder but a report from Galloway Gazette about a new ladder is a great idea worth inspiring for.

Dropping a tin of paint all over the kitchen floor two years ago when up a ladder led to 54-year-old New Luce farmer Alistair Taylor having a ‘light bulb’ moment that could see his innovative ‘Ladderlimb’ invention selling all over the world.

After clearing up the paint at Balneil Farm, Alistair thought long and hard about how to get round the problem of only two hands available to juggle paint cans, brushes etc., while remaining attached to the ladder. He soon came up with the ‘Ladderlimb’.
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There is a strong trend today about organic and herbal products. First came herbal supplements like the organic medicines you will always heard over the radios and tv, then organic food and why not organic lotions and beauty creams as well?
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Merchant services are a necessary evil that most businesses will have to deal with sooner or later. There are a lot of options available, all tailored to suit different needs, and while this means you can find a solution that works for you, it also makes it harder to

Geek Squad is a popular on-call PC repair around the U.S. since the 1990′s and later on bought by Best Buy which is one of the biggest electronics and computer store in America. The Philippines is yet to have a large on-call PC repair business that you can rely if ever your computer malfunction. Here [...]

With the advent of ebooks nowadays bookstore business can still be a viable negosyo idea. Here are some great ideas from Derek Dahlsad. Small bookshops, formerly the only place to find books of any merit, have been dwindling over the past twenty years, due to the creation of megabookstores like Barnes & Noble, and online [...]

Ecommerce site in the Philippines is going mainstream nowadays and in order to compete in this new industry here is the secret. It’s quite simple: fast and free shipping closes deals. Looking for free shipping offers is a learned behavior by consumers, and they expect it – especially around holiday time. By offering special

You don’t need to have an electric coffee maker with this great innovation. The Coffeebrewer is a disposable French press. Inside the pouch is a filter with about 4 tablespoons of ground specialty coffee. To brew 3 cups of coffee, all you need is to open it, pour in 2 cups of hot water, and [...]

Repairing damaged credit is much like losing weight. It is not a process that happens overnight. Instead, it takes time and effort. Quick-fix efforts to fix a damaged credit report usually backfire and end up making your credit score worse in the long run, just like many fad diets end up resulting in you gaining [...]

3D printers are on the news every now and then because of its many possibilities. A printer for chocolate has been developed right now which has a promising negosyo idea. A report from BBC said: It would allow chocolate lovers to print their own custom-made sweets, layer by layer. Lead scientist Dr Liang Hao, from [...]

Starting a business needs a good catchy name which has a big factor on the success of your new venture. Here is an article that can guide you to create a catchy business name. According to David Burd, president of The Naming Company in East Stroudsburg, Pa., it’s common for new entrepreneurs to try to [...]