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Purse device detonates color when robbed

Malaysian sportswear company Ash Be Nimble has designed a fashionable bag fob that takes off color when burglarized, aiding catch the burglary actually red handed. Financial institutions, as well as safety firms, have utilized high-tech gadgets such as dye bombs as well as smoke flares for years to shield their huge amounts of cash from being robbed. And now anyone with a bag can get the very same security with the Handbag Dyetonator– a really stylish looking bag fob that’s loaded with sufficient innovation to make James Bond want one. It pairs with a customer’s phone, so if somebody...

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Design and Download Electronic Parts for Business

Budding engineers out there here is a great negosyo idea for you to make it into a business. In the past, designers had to spend hours working on computer aided design chips and circuit boards before they were able to create a new product. But now, an online platform is opening up electronics design with a downloadable library of components. SnapEDA is a library for all kinds of microchips, circuit boards and schematics for product parts. These designs can be downloaded and used in creating electronic products such as smart watches, drones or speakers. SnapEDA enables designers to download...

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Golf Course 101

Most people don’t know the difference between a public or private course, but for an avid golfer, this decision is a major dilemma. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and an answer can usually be measured by two factors: how much a person golfs and how much they are willing to spend on the sport. After choosing the right golf equipment, the most expensive part of golfing can be paid to golf. For a person who doesn’t golf every month, it is hard to justify a membership. Also if they like to try out different courses, a public golf...

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Ways of Locating a Good Lawyer

All you need to do is look online and you will see that there are a wide variety of lawyers who you can hire. The choices can be a bit overwhelming. After all, hiring a lawyer is a decision that can be extremely important to your future. The competence and legal skill of the lawyer you hire will determine if you lose or win your case. This means that you need to be very patient and not rush the hiring process. Here are a few of the most reliable ways for you to find a lawyer who will not...

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Upgrade Your Clothing Design with Wearable Microchip

Are you in the clothing design industry and want to be more advanced than your competition? Well here is a new technology that you can incorporate in your clothing design. We have already seen the development of new microchips that enable users to create their own wearables, but now a new product is making it easier for fashion designers to experiment with the technology. The KeKePad, designed by Shanghai-based startup KeKeSmart, uses sewable modules that are designed to be as small as possible and integrates specially made cables. The KeKePad is a micro-controller board, around 50 millimeters in diameter,...

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