We all know that starting a new business needs business planning and must be put in writing to guide us in our decision making of the business when it is already running. Here is a business planning online assistant that will greatly help you in formulating your new negosyo idea into reality and will help guide you as you are operating your business already. Whether you’re a student, small business owner, inventor, or running a non-profit, the resources they offer can help you grow the muscles you need to succeed. Best of all, their startup and business growth system is free. Could it get any better than that?

The site is BizGym.com it is a free business planning and pitch development application that anyone can use to grow a business. With BizGym, users can avoid common pitfalls of business development and make their sales pitches rock. For businesses seeking funding, BizGym is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to generate an investment-grade business plan as well as 5-year financial projections. Best of all, BizGym is entirely plain-English with step-by-step Tips & Examples along the way so you don’t have to have business experience, an MBA education or fancy writing skills. All you need are great ideas and the will to succeed.

BizGym is a unique sound-bite based approach to business visioning. It’s a first of its kind knowledge management application for business that guides a user through very specific short dialogue question and answer formats to glean key language on they myriad of ideas that make up a business vision. BizGym templates all share sound-bite dialogue so as a user works any template, all others grow at the same time. It’s like a “MadLib” on steroids or a “Twitterized” version of a business plan. Most importantly, BizGym’s sound-bite management approach converts the traditional static business plan into a “living document” that makes key idea bites easily and quickly accessible from even small format devices like cell phones. Imagine evolving your business vision from anywhere, anytime. It’s a sure way simultaneously minimize risk yet expedite growth.

If you have a negosyo idea floating on your mind now visit BizGym to start your business planning right away, it’s free after all.