For all negosyante out there who needs a business plan for your new venture, here is a free business plan writing reported by techcrunch. Writing a business plan is no easy task, it can be painstaking. If you’ve ever written one, you’re probably familiar with the many websites that offer those static business plan and projections templates and galleries. They can be a great point of reference, but oftentimes they’re just that. Cynthia McCahon founded Enloop because she wanted to build a better resource for entrepreneurs gritting their teeth over their business plans, and because she’d watched many friends and colleagues sink time and money into business ideas that just weren’t going anywhere.

Hoping to take a bit of the emotion out of an emotional process, Enloop was founded as a way for entrepreneurs to create business plans from scratch, guide them through the business plan process, and offer a system that provides thorough and intelligent risk analysis to give founders a sense of whether or not they’re off on the right track. Check this out, every negosyante should have a business plan before starting a venture.