Birthday Parties, Weddings, here is a new twist to ice cream business here in the Philippines. At a Jonas Brothers concert in the US. Felicia Hatcher, owner of Feverish Ice Cream Trucks in Miami is a walking advertisement for her business, which puts a cool, updated spin on traditional ice cream trucks, from a story at

I wear these shirts with funny sayings about my business on the back such as, ‘It’s like an explosion in your mouth’,” she says. At a Jonas Brothers concert, she happened to be standing in front of a top executive at a local arena, who made a comment about her shirt. “We started up an interesting conversation about ice cream and unique ice cream trucks,” she says.

“He ended up booking an event for his daughter’s birthday party and we are now talking about us handling all the ice cream sales at his arena.” Great business idea for the Pinoy ice cream lovers market.

Photo by Feverish Ice Cream.