Are you in the clothing design industry and want to be more advanced than your competition? Well here is a new technology that you can incorporate in your clothing design.

We have already seen the development of new microchips that enable users to create their own wearables, but now a new product is making it easier for fashion designers to experiment with the technology. The KeKePad, designed by Shanghai-based startup KeKeSmart, uses sewable modules that are designed to be as small as possible and integrates specially made cables.

The KeKePad is a micro-controller board, around 50 millimeters in diameter, with 12 tiny connectors that provide a full range of modular applications, such as lighting, sound and vibration sensors. The product is designed to make it easy for users to create their own wearable technology and provides a new kind of e-textile platform. The KeKePad’s special cables, Ke Cables, almost thread thin and flexible for use in textiles products. The whole package simply needs plugging in, and there is no soldering or complicated wiring.

The KeKePad is open source and easy-to-use, so designers can focus on their creative pursuits. It has recently completed a successful crowdfunding round on Indiegogo.

We’ve already seen technology and design come together in musical T-shirts for children. How else could wearable technology be adapted to help fashion designers incorporate more smart elements into their clothes? Be the first to offer this technology here in the Philippines. NegosyoIdeas provides you this information is to help you come up with the latest business ideas around the world.