Negosyante like us are very busy people managing our business and we forgot sometimes about ourselves. One of them is our personal insurance coverage to be secured and have peace of mind but we sometimes forgot to get one because of other things to do but did you know that it is now so easy to get one? It is so easy, fast and hassle-free to get insured without any complicated paperwork, you can even avail it on your mobile phone or online.

Why Wait? This holiday season, FWD Philippines gives you the confidence so you “KanDuu” all the things you want to do, now.

Imagine all the things you can do when you’re confident and secure enough to accomplish them and let your business grow big!

They say you can do anything you set your mind to. And setting goals for yourself seems so reasonably simple. You think about it. You write it down. You affirm it, And you do it. But it’s not always as easy as that. Whether new to adulting or adulting for a while now, people have responsibilities — business to run, bills to pay, work to deliver, a family to take care of, a future to secure — that often stop them from doing all the things they are dreaming about. But whoever said you can’t have it all?

When you want something so much, you have to be willing to do what it takes to make it happen including, and most importantly, financial planning. Saving up enough funds for a dream trip or to start your dream project. Securing yourself and those you love so you can go for it without a single worry is another.

Giving Filipinos the confidence to live life to the fullest, FWD Life Philippines (FWD PH), part of pan-Asian insurer FWD Group, recently launched KanDuu, a set of insurance products that cover you from death, critical illness, or accidents so you “Can Do” and pursue all the things you love.

Go ahead and do it!

Whether you’re an avid traveler, a fitness buff, or a lover of life, there’s a variant that’ll suit you—KanMend, KanLive, and KanGuard. And did we mention that aside from securing you and your family, each comes with really awesome rewards?

Designed with wellness warriors and health buffs in mind, KanMend gives you a cash benefit of Php100,000 once you get diagnosed with any of the 42 covered critical illnesses. Its welcome reward: Six months’ unlimited access to KonsultaMD’s 24/7 telemedicine service. No need to leave the house to consult with licensed Filipino doctors. All you need is to call.

KanLive has a cash benefit of Php200,000, in case of death and this reward: One-year unlimited medical consultations at any Aventus Medical clinics, nationwide.

Love to travel? Have a thirst for adventure? Want to live life on the edge? KanGuard gives a Php500,000 cash benefit in case of accidental death or disability due to terror attacks, anywhere in the world. It’s a reward? One-year global emergency services by Assist America for travels.

Insurance marketplace

Who knew you’d someday shop for insurance online the way you’d shop for gadgets or limited edition bike parts? Who knew getting insured is as fast as picking that shade of red lipstick you don’t already have? True to its vision to change the way people feel about insurance, FWD has now made insurance more accessible, affordable, and covetable to more Filipinos via Shop@FWD.

If you’re 18 to 50 years old, you can purchase KanDuu online for only PhP1,799/year at Shop@FWD (, FWD PH’s new online insurance marketplace.

Just choose your variant (why not all??). Click buy. Fill out the one-page application form, pay via credit or debit card, and you’re done. You’re insured! Quick. Hassle-free. No medical. No paperwork. You just need a valid ID for verification. And with FWD’s insurance app, Tapp, you can access and manage your insurance and rewards, anytime, anywhere.

The gift that keeps on giving

There are only a few weeks left before 2019 leaves us. How many of your goals have you achieved already? Well, there is still time to do things you set your mind to. Just don’t get stuck on the “someday, I’ll…” stage.

So this Christmas, instead of buying that new iPhone or going on a shopping binge, gift yourself the confidence to do the things you love. Because once your future and your loved ones are financially secured, there’s no limit to the things you can do. Go on, FWD’s got your back! Sign-up now at

I will get my KanDuu insurance now to experience and guide you on how to easily get your own insurance by just signing up online in front of your computer right now, here is the part 2 of this post to know my experience of getting my insurance easily.