Everyone needs to buy groceries and gas for the car each week, but those non-essential purchases can start to add up if you are not careful. The temptation to spend money you have but know you cannot spare can cause serious financial problems in the long run. There are a few methods you can try that can help you to curb your spending and stay in contact with your budget on a regular basis.

Limit Your Available Funds

There are services you can use which will limit how much spending money you have available to you at any given time. You would leave your regular bank card at home and only take these limited spending cards with you when you go out. Prepaid credit cards are a good example of a type of service that will limit how much you spend, or you can sign up for a more elaborate service that will help you to closely monitor how much you spend.

Only Spend Cash

When it comes to spending too much money, available credit is a strong enabler. A good idea is to cut up your credit cards and only spend cash. To limit how much cash you have on you, you should keep your ATM card at home and only spend cash that you get directly from a bank teller. The inconvenience of having to wait in line at the bank will usually cure any urge you have to spend money.

Ask A Friend Or Family Member To Control Your Money

In extreme situations, you can bring a friend or family member into your personal finances and give them the control over your money. You two would review your monthly budget and your friend would only give you the money you need to pay your bills, buy food, put gas in the car and a limited amount for entertainment.

It can be frustrating when you come home after a shopping spree and suddenly feel guilty because you know you have bills you cannot pay. If you have reached that point, then it is time to take the steps necessary to curb your overactive spending habits.