There are customized bottled water with there name for large establishments already that have large order volume. But another novel idea is to really give it away during fiesta celebrations, sporting events and any other outdoor activities with large crowd of people. The cost will be shouldered thru advertising and this is happening already abroad here is an excerpt from springwise.

Summertime is filled with opportunities for brands to show they care, whether by helping consumers find a place to change at the beach or by giving them a little cooling refreshment during a heat wave.

Targeting the latter option is Soak Media, a UK firm that gives out free bottled water to London commuters courtesy of on-bottle advertising.

Focusing only on the months of July and August, Soak sells advertising space on 330 ml. plastic bottles filled with Buxton water and then hands them out for free to overheated London commuters, who would normally pay GBP 1 or more for such refreshment. Soak’s own staff hands out the bottles from an ice-filled cart, after which time it estimates the bottles spend about 50 minutes in the average consumer’s hands.

The company also does specials including leaflet tip-ons, specially shaped bottles and sampling. Perhaps best of all, however, is that it donates all its profits to charitable causes.

Given the ongoing controversy over plastic water bottles, it’s not entirely clear that such vessels will be the right medium to focus on going forward.

Nevertheless, the last two heat waves saw a 20 percent increase in bottled water consumption, Soak says, so there’s no doubt consumers can use a little extra help staying hydrated.

Photo by Soak Media.