Korean food is very much popular nowadays in the Philippines with the popularity of the K-pop culture from Korea that most Filipinas are going crazy about it.

With the growing popularity of the Korean culture, its language is also eagerly learned by the K-pop fans including its fashion attire and not to mention the Korean food which is also very delicious and has a distinctive taste.

As the growing K-pop fanatics in the Philippines is burgeoning so is the Korean food business. This is the right time to start a Korean food business, especially with a twist. Popular Korean foods are bibimbap, kimchi, Chapchae noodles and more.

You don’t need to be a Korean to cook Korean food, you can ask your Korean friends to teach you how to cook their favorite dish and start from there. Once you know how to cook some of the popular Korean dishes, you can start accepting orders cook from your home and as gain more experience, perhaps you can start selling in night cafes and bazaars.