A New York cafe just open recently called Matchmaker Cafe located on Wall Street in the heart of the Financial District. New York workers can sort out their love life while they order a coffee, the cafe looks like one of the city’s many carts offering coffee and an outdoors seating area. But there is a twist, customers ordering a drink can also consult Nancy Slotnick, the entrepreneur behind the idea. The café creates a profile for each customers, taking their details and the kind of relationship they’re looking for. They can then use an iPad to browse the profiles of previous customers. If interest is sparked, the café then arranges a coffee date between the two. As well as the initial matchmaking service, Slotnick is also on hand to give dating advice while punters enjoy their drink.

This could work here in the Philippines since coffee shops are sprouting everywhere and harnessing the relaxed atmosphere of the cafe gives people a more laid back and personal approach to dating.

picture by springwise