Every successful business owner knows that outsourcing is a must, especially when you are just starting up. Not only is outsourcing a fantastic way to reduce the amount of pressure on you and your staff, but it is also an amazing way to cut costs.

Outsourcing tasks that you would otherwise need to train employees to do, is much more cost effective. Outsourcing everyday tasks allows you to focus on running your business, while everything else is taken care of.


For new business owners, outsourcing is essential, as it gives you the time to build up and run a successful company. Many companies choose to outsource everything, from payroll to marketing. However, for new businesses this can sometimes be too expensive.

While outsourcing every task might be too much, there are five tasks every business should outsource.

  1. Accounting

If you aren’t a maths whiz or are just too busy to keep on top of your business accounts, it’s crucial that you outsource to an accountant. Otherwise, you could end up forgetting to pay important bills or taxes, and could end up in trouble.

To make sure that your business’s accounts are well organized and in good order, handing over to an accountant is a must. While you could hire an accountant, it would be much more cost effective to outsource your accounting.

  1. Virtual Assistant

If your office space is limited, but you need a little extra help, then you might be considering hiring an assistant. Instead of hiring an in-house assistant, why not outsource the task and opt for a virtual assistant?

A good virtual assistant will be able to offer all the same services that an office based personal assistant would. The difference between personal and virtual assistants is that virtual assistants can work anywhere.

  1. Marketing

Many business startups make the mistake of trying to deal with their marketing themselves. However, unless you are trained in marketing, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Instead of hiring a marketing executive, consider outsourcing to a web marketing agency. Outsourcing your marketing will be much cheaper than hiring a specialist, but will give you the same results.

  1. IT support

Many business startups make the mistake of thinking that they don’t need IT support, until their servers fail, that is. It goes without saying, regardless of the size of your company, IT support is a must.

Many new business owners struggle to decide between hiring an in-house IT support team or outsourcing the task. However, if money is tight and you can’t afford to employ a full-time IT specialist, then outsourcing is the best bet.

  1. Social media

Instead of attempting to make time for social media, you can outsource your social media tasks to a professional. By outsourcing your social media, you can ensure that your social media needs are met properly.

Starting a business is hectic and takes a lot of hard work, so you won’t have the time to deal with the everyday tasks. While you could use staff to deal with these tasks, it’s much more cost-effective and efficient to outsource them.