Nowadays as we are on the Internet age we may forgotten already about radio ads. As with the old pop song goes, video may have killed the radio star. But for the small business with a define target market, radio might be a savior for your advertising needs to build your brand.

Radio advertising is still proven to be consistently effective with the right target audience that you define as your target market especially for local and regional businesses. For small business who are on a tight budget you may need to know the tricks of the trade to make your advertising cost-effective and affordable.

One key trick of the trade in radio media buying is the negotiation part which a good agency can also help in finding the right radio station to reach base on your target market. They also help in the media planning stage and the best way of media buying. They also offer creative script writing for your radio ads, endorsed reads by top radio personalities, Production of the radio commercial ads that can entice and create brand of your business, Tracking and Analysis of the radio ads through RAMalytics and other innovative and strategic radio promotion development to help your radio ad more effective.