A solution to a long vexing problem of garbage can cover. The problem: You put out your garbage cans, the wind knocks them over, the lid pops off and everything that was once inside is now blowing down the street.

“Physics makes the lid fall off,” he said. “Not me.”

Then someone drives over the lid and now — because you can’t buy lids separately from the can — you’re off buying yet another new can.

Kiernan’s fabric lid can stretch over any standard trash can. Velcro holds it in place. It takes a few seconds to put on and is easy for trash collectors to remove.

He’s made about 200 lids (he does all the sewing and assembly himself), which he’s distributed to friends and family. Now he’s at work on nearly a half-dozen other inventions designed to make daily life a little bit easier. Great business idea for filipino semptress.