In business we always deal with tracking our time either in our workforce or even on our own tasks to monitor our productivity and efficiency.

Tracking our time in business has many forms from the old days until the most sophisticated one’s nowadays. The most common one we have before and can still be seen today in most offices is the Bundy clock; the more modern one is the biometric time logging devices. The recent one is the time tracking software which not only track the time of your workforce but also comes with many more features.

Most common feature of time tracking software are the payroll system integration where you can easily connect the two system into one, it simplify time and labor administration so your people can focus more on the works of the organization, it can be access anywhere and anytime since it sits on a cloud which is the trend now other than time tracking, it can also be integrated on your project management system to greatly make all things seamless.

With this kind of innovative software working can also be done not just only in the office but also to all your workforce on the field and even those outsource workforce outside the country.