Entrepreneurs or negosyantes here in the Philippines as they are called has their own idea of what it takes to become successful. GulfNews, a UAE newspaper has pulled together a short list of traits they believe entrepreneurs need to succeed. Just do it as it says…

1.Timing is nothing
Dubizzle founders, J.C. Butler and Sim Whatley, wish they had had the wisdom to launch more and test less. “Regardless of whether it’s features or categories or expansion, it’s better to get something out the door and test the response to it, rather than to spend all your time trying to perfect something and change it later anyway. Especially when it came to our recent regional expansion, we would have loved to have been in all these 14 countries years ago.”

2. It’s not about the first genius idea
Rest assured the lightbulb moment that made you turn entrepreneur will not make you your first million dirhams. It’s far more likely to turn into something else entirely. Dubizzle’s original business plan was to charge employers for job listings. “To this day we have yet to make a single penny on job listings,” says Whatley.

3. No more ‘You twitface!’ wisecracks
Social media marketing gets you noticed. And if it can be done for next to nothing, what’s not to like? Almost every successful start-up today has harnessed the power of social media – be it Groupon, Dubizzle or Wild Peeta. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and blogs are a cost-effective way to engage with your customers, attract new business, and build your brand.