Your vehicle is one of the most expensive purchases you may ever make, and fortunately, a good car is made to last quite a while. The average lifespan of a car in the U.S. today is almost 12 years, and analysts expect approximately 84 million cars on the road to be over 16 years old by 2023. Your old reliable travel buddy may be on its last legs for quite a while, but eventually, it will reach the end of its usefulness. At that point, you’ll need to make a serious decision whether to sell it, try to save it, or scrap it and get cash on the spot for your junk car. But what are some major reasons you should consider scrapping your junk car for cash?

Your Relationships Are Suffering

You may love your “baby”, but your spouse, roommate, or neighbors may feel very differently. A junk car can be a loud annoyance, leave stains and puddles in its wake, and take up precious living or storage space. It’s one thing for neighbors to be annoyed with some sputtering, but it’s another thing entirely when your junk car causes contention at home. If you have to choose between your vehicle and your household or loved one, consider ditching the clunker and getting cash on the spot for your junk car in the process.

You Need to Upgrade Or Minimize Your Living Space

The right curb appeal goes a long way, potentially adding 3-5% on your home’s value when upgrading or deciding to put it on the market. But a visible clunker diverts the eyes to the worst part of your property regardless of how lovely everything else may be. Regardless of whether you’re looking to improve your living conditions or simply clear out years worth of junk, including a non-functioning vehicle, can go a long way to giving everyone a fresh start.

You’re Not Sure How to Dispose of Your Clunker

Deciding to get rid of a clunker is just the first step. And that decision can take ages to materialize into more than an idea if you let it. After all, is it really unusable? Do you know anyone who wants it? Is it a collector’s item or worth anything to a buyer? Is it even worth the price of taking out an ad on it? There can be far too many options to consider. But a simple call can get you started on getting rid of your clunker quickly and easily.

It’s Fast, Easy, and Free

An older car can break down at any point and just about any place. It’s often first instinct to just get out, find a way home, and abandon the vehicle. But most states have some kind of abandonment laws in place. If you have any identifying elements on the vehicle, the authorities will find you. And if you decide later that you want it back, impound fees and penalties can cost more than it’s worth. Save time and headaches and give us a call. We’ll tow it away for free and give you a little fun money for the trouble.

You’ll Get Cash on the Spot for Your Junk Car

All the concerns on your mind regarding what to do next about your clunker can go out the window by just giving us a call. Set up an appointment around your schedule for a free tow. Get an estimate based on the condition of the vehicle in question. Clean out your vehicle and obtain the title in your name. Then hand that title over to the towing professional for cash on the spot for your junk car. It really doesn’t get easier than that.