When most people think of franchises, they immediately think of restaurants. While you can open a fast food restaurant, a sit-down restaurant or even a dessert shop, you face competition from all the other established restaurants that already exist in your city. With franchises, you pay a licensing fee up front that lets you use the company’s mascot, slogans, and other advertising materials. Some companies charge an annual or monthly fee too. Before you invest in just another restaurant, you may want to check out some of the hottest franchises now available.

Auto Repair

Even if you don’t have much experience in auto repair, you can still open your own auto repair franchise. Mechanics can handle the repairs that customers need, which lets you take care of meeting with customers and running the business. These franchises often offer standard repairs and services like tire rotations, oil changes, and body repairs. Offering more services can help you appeal to more customers. You’ll also want to find a way to set yourself apart from other shops like offering to pick up customers’ vehicles and giving them access to the internet while in your shop.


There are a number of gym franchises that you can invest in that let you target anyone who wants to get in shape or certain groups of people. You might open a gym that offers classes and training for pregnant women or one for bodybuilders. Some companies offer franchise agreements that let you hire personal trainers to work with clients or have an on-site juice bar and restaurant that serves healthy drinks and snacks to visitors. While you need to invest more upfront in fitness equipment, you can open a gym that appeals to many people in your city.

Vending Machines

If you like the idea of running a franchise but want to keep your upfront costs down, consider becoming a vending machine franchise owner. The newest machines offer more than just cold drinks and junk food. You can start a route with vending machines that feature healthy salads and other dishes made fresh each morning or one that rents movies and video games. You just need to take care of maintenance and fill those machines every day. The hottest franchises can help you make more money than you ever thought possible and give you support from a major company.