The problem of air pollution from millions of exhaust pipes of vehicles is a problem for a long time ever since automobiles started to be mainstream around the world. Here in the Philippines, it is a cause of so many health problems.

A Bangalore-based lab developed the first pen with ink from recycled air pollution soot from the exhaust pipes of automobiles. They called the Air-Ink which was developed by Graviky Labs.

The Air-Ink was developed on a technology from the Fluid Interfaces Group, part of the MIT Media Lab and makes use of Graviky’s earlier innovation Kaalink to extract its raw material. The Kaalink device is a cylindrical retrofit to vehicles exhausts which the lab claims can capture up to 95 percent of particulate matter pollution. The captured carbon is then separated from the other heavy metals and carcinogens and combined with oils to make the final products like writing pens, paints, and even spray paints.

This product not only helps in curbing the air pollution problems in the world it also makes use of the byproduct of fossil fuel that helps our environment. Great way to make money from an unusable pollution before.