It can be frustrating sometimes when you want to download some new apps or data and your phone’s memory is full. The only option that you have is deleting your photos, older apps, videos or some MP3s. However, it is not the comfortable option every time because no one wants to delete his or her data especially if you want to store it in your phone forever.

Well, there is no need to worry anymore because using the following tricks you can empty the space on your iPhone without deleting your media.

Stop Saving Those Messages

Have you ever thought how much space your phone’s default messenger occupies? You can save a lot of space by tweaking some settings of the default messenger and this way your messages will not be saved forever.

  • Go to Settings and then Messages
  • Tap Message History and choose Messages.
  • Here change the option Forever to 30 Days or 1 Year
  • Delete older messages when the pop up appears and you are done.

Say No To Photos

iPhone often saves two version of your photos: HDR and normal version. By making it one time save you can save a lot of space.

  • Go to Settings and click Photos & Camera
  • In the bottom, uncheck or toggle the option ‘Keep Normal Photo.’
  • Similarly, go to Instagram and then Profile
  • Go to upper right corner, tap Settings and turn off the option ‘Save Original Photos.’

Delete From Photo Stream

Photostream stores your pictures that you will not use anytime. These are just the compressed version of your original photos. You need to turn it off to save the space.

  • Open Settings and choose Photos & Camera
  • Turn off the option saying ‘Upload to My Photo Stream.’
  • Once you do it all the photos from Photo Stream will be deleted from your iPhone

Clear Cache From Your Browser

iPhone users need to clear the cache of the browser they use. This web history and other data are of no use, so it is wise to delete them. You may also like to learn about how to Copy Photos From iPhone To PC.

  • Open Settings and choose Safari
  • Scroll down to find Clear History and Website Data.
  • Click this option and the data will be cleared
  • Chrome users open up the browser
  • Click the triple-dot icon and choose History
  • Now click Clear Browsing Data at the bottom.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Music

There may be several files that need to be deleted, or you do not listen to them anymore.

  • Apple Music users, head to Settings and tap General
  • Choose Storage & iCloud Usage and then Manage Storage
  • Choose Apple Music from the list and swipe any useless songs

Delete Podcasts

Just like music, you may have many podcasts that do not entertain you anymore.

  • Podcast users need to enter Settings and choose General
  • Go to Storage & iCloud Usage and tap Manage Storage
  • Choose Podcasts here and swipe all the podcasts one by one you want to delete

Clear Reading List

If you use Safari and have an offline reading list, then it is time to delete that too.

  • Go to Settings and then General
  • Select Storage & iCloud Usage and tap Manage Storage
  • Now, choose Safari and swipe left to clear all the offline words that are of no use.

These are all the methods that one can try to clear a great amount of phone’s space without having to delete their photos and other media.