Coworking has been a familiar trend for startups and small businesses who want to engage themselves in a more diverse landscape, and want to open new dimensions of possibilities for their businesses.

This article talks about what to expect, and if coworking is an ideal solution for you! Stick around!

What is Coworking?

So what is coworking, and how is it in the Philippines? You’ve probably heard or are familiar with the terms hot-desk space, shared space, virtual office, but what separates a coworking space from the ones stated?

Coworking involves people from various companies that all share one space, most usually an office, and engage in their individual tasks.

This opens up a whole new dimension in possibilities and opportunities, as it’s likely that you can engage in conversations, share ideas, work ethics, etc, with others around you. Imagine a diverse mix of work cultures and knowledge that can prove to be useful in a kaleidoscopic corporate world.

Imagine coworking in the Philippines, where it’s a norm to talk to someone right off the bat, as people are open to new relationships.

Filipinos are well-known for their openness to new friendships and are quite keen on expanding their network of friends. Known as some of the most hospitable cultures, it’s no doubt that Filipinos know how to befriend.

There are a number of perks that startups can experience in this community

Given that subscribers of coworking spaces in the Philippines are in a place where they are mixed with others from all sorts of backgrounds, combine that with their naturally welcoming norm, you can expect them to mix and mingle.

This warm and welcoming norm opens the doors to collaboration in the future, given the opportunity.

The network as a Market

Given the timing, those from different organizations may need the services of one another, giving rise to a deeper partnership for both the individuals and the companies themselves.

Additional Happiness, Deducted Stress

In the life of a startup, it’s very likely you’ll experience stress from pushing forward and breaking limits. Aside from that, there are up and down rides as you take steps closer to success, along with the unavoidable stress and anxiety that come with it.

Luckily, with your coworking friends around, you will have the support you need, as you are surrounded by people who empathize and relate to what you feel.


Although startups are quite the spirals of ups and downs, you can never go too wrong with surrounding yourself with like-minded people who have additional knowledge and experiences that you can capitalize on.

You can never go wrong in surrounding yourself with friends in a community that get you and can help you through the good and the bad, through the happy and the sad.

Coworking in the Philippines opens doors to successful partnerships and true friendships.

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