A plug-and-play lego like blocks can turn your home into a smart home. This will revolutionize the home in the Philippines with the proliferation of smartphones in the near future.

Switzerland’s digitalSTROM is a system that uses small, intelligent blocks that can turn any offline appliances in your house into a smartphone-controlled device.

Each digitalSTROM module features an integrated chip and sensors that can be connected to the power source that controls each individual appliance — whether it’s a lamp, television or electric blind. The modules can collectively perform around 60 different functions and are color-coded according to their capabilities. The blocks are installed by an engineer but require no new cables, and communicate with meters fitted to each home’s fuse box. The system is then completely controlled by the homeowner through the digitalSTROM app, which allows them to configure each appliance and keep track of energy use in their property. Since the devices also use one integrated system and control center, users can make their devices talk to each other, now that’s so cool.

Electronics companies are slowly introducing smart devices into the house, but rather than replacing all of their existing appliances or waiting for manufacturers to catch up, digitalSTROM enables its customers to retrofit smart tech into their homes now. This are promising gadgets to offer here in the Philippines. Checkout there website at