The recently held NBA Global Games here in the Philippines was a big delight to basketball fans all over the country. Filipino basketball players and NBA fans dream of being on the big league like someday. Well there is more chances now using a wearable technology that can help your playing ability to improve.

Vibrado is a wearable sleeve that can tell players where they’re going wrong with their hoop shoots. Professinal players like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant wore sleeves like Vibrado but it differs very much with its fitted accelerometers that can detect the exact angle, arc and momentum of the arm as the wearer goes for a shot. The sleeve also features lights and beepers that instantly make players aware when they’ve made a mistake. If they have, they can then check their smartphone to get more detailed stats on how their technique compares to the ideal movements required for each shot. Checkout the video below from New Scientist explaining more about the innovation:

This may not guarantee the Filipino basketball players of going to the NBA easily but I think this gadget can help a lot to refine their game by receiving quick and accurate feedback on their play and will give a high chance of going to the top.