When a child is too sick to go to day care or school, working parents often have little choice but to stay home and miss work themselves. A new business in Kennewick, Washington in the U.S.A., however, where a company offers bed rest and supervised nursing care for kids with low-level but contagious illnesses, a story from Springwise.

Chicken Soup + Nursing is a 20-bed facility aimed at kids up to 12 years old with fever, conjunctivitis, rashes or other problems that prevent their going to school. In a setting much like a hospital ward, children are evaluated by a doctor or nurse practitioner, and typically placed on varying degrees of bed rest (with a safe distance between beds).

Their vitals are taken at routine intervals by certified staff. If they are found to require medication, those drugs are ordered from a pharmacy, picked up and administered as directed. Kids can bring toys, books, handheld games and movies along with a packed lunch or baby food, if appropriate.

Chicken Soup + Nursing provides snacks and fluids, along with updates to parents throughout the day. Chicken Soup + Nursing is planning to become a 24/7 operation and to enable remote viewing of patients for parents at work.

This is great negosyo idea to those who have interest in opening a business for kids in the Philippines. Be the first to offer daytime care for mildly sick kids in your neighborhood.

Photo by Chicken Soup + Nursing.