Noise pollution has become the plague of the twenty-first century, being present wherever people go, particularly in their workplaces and homes. It’s tragic when your own home associates you to noise, instead of peace and quiet.

After living in a noisy home for a longer period of time, most homeowners become overwhelmed by the outdoor sounds, desperately looking for ways to block them from entering indoors. However, the only reasonable solution would be soundproofing the whole house by employing various materials and techniques.

Nowadays, there’re plenty of companies that are experts in soundproofing solutions, providing customers with the best products and ideas to soundproof their homes.

The following tips will help you in silencing your life and getting your much-deserved peace.

Use thick curtains

Since windows are one of the main culprits of letting noise find its way into your home, consider replacing your current light curtains with heavy ones, as they would definitely absorb most of the noise, prior to entering inside. Although you keep your windows closed most of the time, it doesn’t mean that sounds don’t penetrate through them, unless you have PVC windows, which block almost all noise.

Nevertheless, as replacing all windows around the house is a rather costly investment, purchasing brand new thick curtains is not only an affordable solution for your budget but an effective one as well. Make sure you opt heavy materials such as velvet, wool or cotton, as they’re considered to be better sound absorbers.  You can even place a few curtains over each other, to maximize the effect.

Moreover, an even better idea would be purchasing soundproofing curtains, particularly designed for this purpose. Naturally, these are costlier than the regular ones, capable of not only blocking the sound but the light as well, is the perfect solution for your bedroom.

In case you’re worried that these curtains won’t fit your interior décor, rest assures, as you can find them in various shades and designs, suitable for every homeowner’s taste. Visit this page for tips on purchasing the right type of soundproofing curtains for your home.

Rearrange the furniture

One of the most efficient inexpensive soundproofing solutions is definitely rearranging your furniture. A simple reposition of the furnishings in your home would make a difference in the noise level coming from the outside.

For instance, all of your wardrobes and bookcases should be placed on the exterior walls or on the walls that you share with your neighbors. Since these pieces of furniture are rather large and tall, they would undoubtedly suppress the sounds coming from the other side of the wall or from the street.

Another thing you can do is hang large paintings or rugs on the walls, which can act both a decorative element as well as a sound deadener. Anyhow, in case you aren’t keen on putting tapestries on the wall, thus making your room overly colorful, you can use a soundproof wallpaper.

In fact, many homeowners are sceptic regarding these wallpapers, as they can’t believe that an extremely thin paper may diminish the noise level. However, they fail to realize that the paper with the pretty design is actually the top layer of the wallpaper, while underneath there’re a few more layers made of soundproofing materials. It’s the perfect idea for refreshing your room’s look as well as soundproofing it. Take a look at some creative wallpaper solutions for your living room, on the following link:

Apart from reorganizing your furniture, there’s one more thing that furniture can help you with. The more sofas and cushions you have in your home, the lower the noise, as they muffle a good portion of the sounds. It’s no wonder that when you enter an empty room, you can hear the echo of your own voice, while in a room full of soft furnishings that would never happen.

Fasten all the gaps and cracks

Another efficient thing to do is to inspect the area around the windows for some cracks or gaps. These holes allow both air and noise to enter through them inside the house, regardless of how tiny they are. By sealing them, you would not only decrease the noise but increase your energy-efficiency as well.

Furthermore, you can seal them by using foam or a weather-stripping tape. The latter one is perhaps a bit more efficient as it’s placed on the whole frame of the window, making sure no air or sound enters your home.  A good idea would also be to seal the gaps below the doors by either placing a towel or buying a special door sweep.

Insulate the walls

In case you’ve tried numerous soundproofing tricks and none of them seems to reduce the outside noise to a level of feeling comfortable in your own home, you’d have to move on to a more expensive solution of interior walls insulation.

In case your house or apartment dates from many years ago, it’s almost certain that the insulation would be rather poor, requiring the immediate installation of a new one. Since placing new insulation requires professional skills, the best alternative would be to hire professionals, well-trained in this field of work, to finish the work process in a timely and efficient manner.

Wrap up

In case you’ve been struggling with noise pollution for quite some time, it’s time to take some measures.

Soundproof your home and finally enjoy the silence!