Here is a great invention by Miles Parkkonen in the U.S. which is a unique new tool that cleans paint brushes, rollers and paint pads without getting messy.

It is The Paint Brush Scrubber. It cleans by a scrubbing action, which separates the bristles, cleaning quickly and easily without getting your hands full of paint, It has no moving parts, nothing to wear out or break. Comes in many sizes from the large, for the 4” paint brush to the small artists brushes.

As you clean your brush it also cleans the scrubber. So when the brush is clean the scrubber is also clean with no mess. The Paint Brush Scrubber cleans rollers by using the circular cut out to scrape the excess paint back into the paint container and using the scrub board and the cut out to finish the job. Quickly and easily.


The Paint Brush Scrubber is available to anyone interested in exploring this unique new product purchase or licensing opportunity further. The Paint Brush Scrubber is in final form patented ready for manufacturing, marketing and sale by the inventor.