There must be a good market for this here in the Philippines. A new kind of wall paper. Whether in the home or at work, ambiance matters. It can make the difference in concentration, productivity, and comfort. Often a focus wall can make the difference. Many home and business owners will choose a bright color or a scenic picture to make a certain wall “pop”. Now there is another option.

Springwise recently featured a company in the Netherlands called, 3DWalldecor, who are making entire wall panels in three dimensions! Not only are these wall panels decorative, they are also eco-friendly, made with bamboo pulp. “The exciting effects of light and shadows transform the walls into spatial eye-catchers.” Right now, they come in four designs and are paintable, and easy to apply.

Walls are fire retardant, water repellant and are easy to clean. They may be applied to ceilings or walls, temporarily or permanently, cut into pieces or used as a whole.

Right now, there is only one distributor in the Netherlands, and the company is currently looking to expand their distribution network.

from springwise