Teenagers need jobs, right? It teaches them the value of work, how to be responsible about money and so on. That’s what teenagers have always done – they turn 16, they get their driver’s license, and they get their first job delivering something or the other. Only, that’s not really possible these days. The economy is so bad that all those teenager jobs are really taken – by adults who can’t find a job doing anything else. So these days, what you want to do to help your children understand the value of work and money is different. You have to come up with business ideas for teenagers.

Come to think of it, this helps prepare them for life far better than a job ever did. It makes them far more serious about their work because they realize that if they don’t work, it all falls apart. And of course, it’s going to look super on the resume should they want to actually get a job working for someone else one day.

You do keep hearing about all these wonderful new little businesses that young people start these days. They think of something or the other to sell, they put a unique spin on it the way only a bright and young person can, and it takes off. It’ll always be a superb learning experience. So without further ado, let’s look at a few business ideas for teenagers.

Lots of young people, especially in this country, are quite at one with their phone and their computer. To them, programming a phone or programming a computer to create an app for a phone isn’t that big a deal. Being young and being part of the whole scene, they are liable to come by a lot of ideas for how to build an app that meets their needs.

Once they have an idea, it doesn’t take a lot to learn the programming chops necessary. If their idea strikes a chord with the public, they can make a great deal of money. In no time flat.

It used to be that the only business ideas for teenagers to do with computers had to do with starting an online business with a website or writing a computer program. While those are still viable ideas, they take a lot more out of you. An app for a phone is a far simpler thing to create, and it’s a much better idea of first-time venture.

Kids who are not really that interested in computers and tech stuff have all kinds of other ways in which to start a business. They can get a bunch of their friends together and start a babysitting business. Start an online shop in Multiply. There are lots of other businesses like this – a pet care business, a landscaping, a car wash – there’s just no end.