With gym popping up everywhere here in the Philippines right now why not open a gym with a niche? I admit that I am quite big and last year I enrolled to a gym which my close friend open up but I found out that most of the members enrolled are with bodies for muscle man and here I am trying to fit in the gym to loose some weight. Here is a great negosyo idea for those planning to open a gym in their community. A gym in Canada has banned skinny women and men, only allowing plus-size women through its doors.

Body Exchange, located in Vancouver, provides gym facilities in what it calls a “safe haven” for overweight clients.Louise Green, the gym’s founder and chief executive, says people are often too fearful to become active. She says there wasn’t a model that offered camaraderie. The gym, which claims it is Canada’s only “fit camp and adventure company exclusive to a plus-size clientele”, screens potential clients over the phone. If a candidate is not a true plus-size, they are refused membership.

Members are typically aged between 35 and 55 years, but some 18-year-olds and even 67-year-olds have been allowed into the gym, which was founded in 2008. With the popularity right now of loosing weight contest perhaps you can also incorporate some programs or bootcamps and create a lose weight contest.