Selling is just as much of an art as it is a science. To get someone to buy your good or service, the people who you are selling to need to be convinced that their lives will be made easier or that they will be paying for something that they cannot live without. With many people already wary about pressure sales tactics, you have to be subtle and charming when you make a sales pitch.

The most important thing about making a sale is to make sure that the person who you are selling to is actually interested in what you have to say. In the sales industry, someone who may be interested in buying something is called a lead. That lead is considered a qualified lead if he or she indicates that they want a specific good or service and are willing to spend money.

The last step is to close the sale. This may require the customer to sign paperwork or take other actions to make the sale final. A salesperson may turn over a lead to a closer after qualifying the lead to ensure that the sale is made. Depending on the payment structure that the company offers its sales people, the person who makes the sale may be given a commission. Those who are interested can learn more at