Whether it’s college or high school, graduations are a memorable time in the lives of many. While you may want to capture the event in photographs, there are ways you can add more to the experience. Companies such as Black River Imaging provide you with the means to make the event memorable as well as unique. Thanks to digital image technology, you have a number of ways to represent the graduation beyond simple eight-by-ten photographs.

Metal Prints

Fused onto metallic surfaces, graduation pictures can have added longevity while retaining luminosity and vibrant color. Traditional photographs don’t have the capacity to survive the elements like metal prints. Although they are not indestructible, these items can experience a longer survival rate through everything from busted water pipes in the basement to natural disasters.


Give your images an elegant appearance by having them placed on fine art canvas. Emulating traditional styles of painting, your graduation photos will exude a sense of pride, especially if you use a stylish frame. You may also have this piece of art mounted to several surfaces such as a standout mount or a foamboard.


Using your best images taken of the graduation, create calendars for friends and family of this grand occasion. Perhaps you could create a calendar gift for your graduate by using pictures of his or her progression through school. In fact, each month could correlate to a grade ranging from first through twelfth. It’s a gift that can be held as a keepsake to remember the progression of school whether it’s for your graduate or for family members during this special time.


From pictures of the graduation to adding a bit of artistic flare, posters can help liven up anyone’s room. This fun idea can help you create one of a kind images for your graduate celebrating his or her achievement. If you have even basic graphic design skills, you could make the poster look like one from a movie depicting the event. It could star your graduate while putting you as the director.

There is so much you can do with graduation pictures other than sticking them in a photo album. Instead of books such as these become family heirlooms, more flare can be added to the event with a bit of imagination. A graduation is an important time in someone’s life, and you should treat it as a unique experience.