When you’re looking at Mynimo.com for Philippine jobs, you might find that the openings with the highest advertised salaries tend to be located in a big metropolitan area such as Cebu and Manila. Sometimes, there simply be no openings within your hometown suited for your skillset solely based on where your target industry is located.

In these cases, you have to consider moving to a different city — possibly a very distant one, to work in the field you want.

If you have never left your hometown for work or school, the idea of leaving home can be very stressful, especially for a job interview where you may not even be sure of the results.

Here, we laid out a few ideas on how you could prepare this stressful part of your life. Good luck with your job interviews, and keep checking Mynimo.com for Philippine jobs to find the careers that best suit you.

1.) Don’t expect to get the job you want

Chances are you are not the only person applying for the position. Never believe that the interview is a sure thing, even if the interviewer was incredibly positive over Skype or the phone. You drove or possibly flew over to a different part of the country, and you’re taking a risk, and you should also be aware of that. This way, if you don’t get the job, you have a more grounded understanding of things that happened.

2.) Try to line up a few interview options before proceeding

If possible don’t travel for an interview unless it’s a really big job or if you don’t have a couple of other alternatives lined up. This will help save you time and money attending these interviews.

3.) Bring practical, easily hand-washed clothes and a steam iron (optional)

Even when traveling, you want to look professional. Buy or borrow a traveling iron or portable handheld steam iron to take the creases out of your clothes the night before and help you look presentable tor your upcoming meetings.

4.) Don’t put yourself in deep debt attempting to land those interviews

While airfare is cheaper today than it’s ever been, it’s still quite expensive to fly, especially if you’re fresh out of college and still supporting yourself. Borrowing money is fine for important things like job interviews, but try to weigh the costs before you decide to go through with it.

5.) Consider employers open to video calls first.

Many people, this author included, lived in very small towns were able to score job interviews and even sign contracts completely online, working for the employer and getting paid by them months before a personal meeting ever happened. This is extremely common today, and you might find that there are plenty of job openings that are willing to waive the personal job interview especially if you have a good portfolio or references.

6.) Consult your network of friends and family in your destination

If you have friends and family in the destination city, it may be time to call in favors. Offer to pay rent if you have to. Finding room and board in a strange city can be one of the most stressful things about going somewhere far for a job interview.

If you can’t stay with friends or relatives, try to find lodging as close to the interview site as possible. This will keep you from spending too much on transport or getting lost on your way to your interview.

Mynimo wishes you all the best in your job interviews. But we’ll leave you with one last piece of advice. Never be so sure about one job, that you are not willing to give it up for something better. Always be open to new possibilities. Happy hunting!