Auto-renewal in MyLife for your account is a good feature wherein the subscribers can easily renew or update their social and email communications anytime to ease their lives. When one has many networks to attend to, there are many instances that you forget the renewal dates. MyLife uses this kind of feature to see to it that the members always have consistent access to the services that they have chosen to use, which is a good advantage to the end users.

If makes the members easy because of their auto-renewal feature, Refund also makes it easy to disable them. When a member wants his paid subscription to be canceled, they are flexible enough to do this anytime. All they have to do is to call the customer care representatives at 888.704.1900 (toll-free number) that are available Mondays to Fridays from 6am and 9pm (PST) or weekends between 6am and 6on (PST). The representatives will verify your identity and make the right changes to your account depending on your request.

In addition to this features, you can also edit or delete information on your profile with such ease. Thus, it gives you the full control over your account and this is much to your advantage.