Operating a kiosk can be a good way to increase your profits by giving you the flexibility to go where the traffic is. Mall kiosks serve as good examples. Think of how many times you have been to the mall and walked right by one or more kiosks because they were set up right outside one of the main magnet stores. Kiosks only work if something about them entices people stop and take a look at what is on display. If people keep walking, a kiosk may do little more than become an obstacle for people to walk around. With some creative thinking, however, people will not be able to resist the urge to stop and explore.

Drawing Attention

The first thing a kiosk should do is draw attention to shoppers who are walking by. Think for a moment about things that have caught your eye in the past and ask yourself what it was about that object that made you want to do more than take a passing glance. Things like bright colors and lighting are sometimes hard to ignore. Once you have the people’s attention, there needs to be something extra that allows you to keep their attention. This is where strategically displaying your product comes into play. Once you have their attention, they may decide they need what you are offering. Remember that, in many locations, you are competing against operators of other kiosks, so yours must stand out above the others, especially those who are offering a similar product line.

High Inventory Turnover

Kiosks, by definition, are relatively small in size. Consequently, the things that are usually sold from them are typically smaller products that lend themselves well to a good variety from which customers can choose without the need to take up a lot of space. Food kiosks will fall into this category. The key is to maximize he available space so an adequate amount of supplies is always available. There are companies, such as All Star Carts & Kiosks, that can help design a unit that uses all available space in a productive way while appealing to customers.


Especially when setting up at venues like fairs and festivals, portability is critical. When the festival ends, you must move on to the next one. Even when setting up a kiosk in a mall, you will want to be in the best location to take advantage of the foot traffic. Where the high traffic areas are can vary with the seasons.

Kiosks are an excellent way to operate with low overhead. Having one that is attractive, portable and maximizes the available space can make all the difference.