Starting a brick and mortar business nowadays requires planning not just on the physical plan of the store front but you might also consider having an online shop at the same time to be able to compete and survive with your business.

I would like this post to be a short introduction on how to sell online. Starting an online shop can be simple or quite complicated but you can always start in a simple way for a start to feel and experience the water. The main parts of your online shop would be the store front website with a domain name and web hosting server, payment processing system and delivery system.

The most important and critical part of your online shop is the payment processing system. This is the system that you need to have a reliable way of accepting payment online so you will not be scam or having lost payment due to unreliable payment system. The online payment system is a seamless way of accepting payment from your customers, it has to be easy to use at the same time so you’re would be customers will not find it hard to order from your online shop. That is why you have to choose wisely your service provider for this part.