Classic cars are not fading away in fact more people now are restoring their classic cars just collecting dust in the garage. If you are a hobbyist of collecting and restoring old cars and have accumulated specialize tools for the restoration of classic cars, might as well turn it into a money making venture.

There are not much of car shops that specialize in restoring classic cars here in the Philippines and this is the right time start one in your local place since the economy is going up and people are eager to restore their classic cars.

Another derivation of the classic car business is classic antique auto insurance service which is still uncommon here in the country. Most classic car owners would definitely need an auto insurance to protect their big investment in restoring their nostalgic classic cars which may also been inherited from their forefathers who have safely kept their precious cars to last forever.

The many business derivation of classic cars are definitely booming in the coming years in the country as we reminiscence the old times. With the proliferation of super high tech cars nowadays which you cannot just fix with your own hands, the classic cars will go a long way.