When you are in business we need to always interact with our colleagues like business partners, supplier friends, clients, and others. Most of them are online already and are using social media networks. Managing your communication to them especially if you have many friends to connect can be daunting.

A web application is available right now that can help you manage your contacts online to relieve you from draining so much time just on making updates with your contacts. The site is called MyLife.com, I would like to mention that NegosyoIdeas.com is not in any way connected on this web application but the author is highly recommending it and is using it effectively even in his business communications.

The site can help you manage all your communications all in one place like your gmail, yahoo mail as well as Bing. You can also see who is searching for you everything all in one place, you can build, manage and monitor your identity all over the web like who is searching for you and also helps you manage removing unwanted public records you have online. Another feature is you can find new connections also all in one place. Its people search tools can help you discover over 700 million personal and work contacts all over the web.