Filipinos are now more conscious of using plastic straws, which many are opting to use recyclable bamboo or stainless steel straws, but you need to clean it every time you use it, and sometimes you will forget bringing it when you go out.

Well, here is another solution, why not use pasta as a straw? A company name Stroodles based in Italy came up with the idea. A new straw made out of pasta solves the ethical straw problem.

Made in Italy, the pasta straws are made out of only two ingredients: durum wheat and water. So vegans are in luck, but people with Celiac disease aren’t. Other than a possible starchy taste, Stroodles are flavorless. If you choose not to eat your Stroodle, it will decompose in days rather than a month, like a paper straw, or never, like a plastic straw. Stroodles are stronger than paper straws, lasting up to an hour or two in a cold drink without getting soggy. But don’t use a Stroodle in a hot drink, as it will turn into an ordinary noodle.

The UK-based company donates a share of sales to Ocean Plastic, an organization fighting plastic waste, and other charities. When they arrive from the supplier, workers manually sort the pasta straws. Those deemed imperfect or inferior are donated to food banks through City Harvest and, presumably, turned into spaghetti.

According to the Stroodles website, “With Stroodles, you don’t have to change behaviors and compromise on your drinking experience. By stroodling your drink, you can do good, the easy way. We call this ‘drink-easy.’”

Americans alone use about 500 million plastic straws per day. Around the world, countries, states, and cities are banning single-use plastics, including straws.

Stroodles has picked the right moment to turn the world on to pasta straws. As they claim, “Stroodles is not just another straw company! Stroodles is a movement. Stroodles are here to help fight plastic waste and straws are just our first channel of choice. We want to inspire the world and show how easy it is to do good – with just one Stroodle at a time.”

What do you think of this great idea? Maybe we can have this here in the Philippines. Pasta straw could be a tremendous negosyo idea with the huge market of straws that is needed for the country.