Pain relief medicine is one of the common bought medicines in pharmacies. This might be because most of the population has some body pains in one way or another. This is also commonly called in drug term as analgesic medicine. One analgesic medication that can be available in the drugstores or pharmacy is the drug name oxycodone. This is a medication made from synthesized poppy-derived thabaine or in common term synthetic opioid pain medication. It is generally prescribed by doctors for the relief of moderate to severe pain. One of its very popular brands is oxycontin, with a benefit of a time release factor and has one of the strongest concentrations of oxycodone. It is very safe and less addictive that the alternatives. It is also one of the pain relief drugs that has fewer side effects and with its highly effective time release formula. For those on the business of drugstore or pharmacy this medicine should be a good medicine to be always on stock. You can also buy oxycontin online to give you more convenience and more savings. More and more people are buying medication online for a number of good reasons. One of it is affordability since most online pharmacy can pass their operating cost savings to you. Talking about online drugstore, this can be a good negosyo idea to put up here in the Philippines.