DaaS or Data as a Service is an increasingly use technology for startup companies as well as established ones. It is a cousin and closely related to Software as a Service such as most of the web application that are use today. This is a great negosyo idea to explore since the market is quite large and the cost is scalable. It is mostly use by bundling both the data and the software into a single package and sold as a consumer product over the internet or it can also be an intranet. Known benefits of this type of service is its agility to move quickly due to the simplicity of data access, Cost-effectiveness since its scalable and can be broken down into different layers, data quality which tends to improve because of a single point of updates only. There are hundreds of DaaS vendors on the web with different pricing models. Neil Haboush is one of the expert in data as a service which is base in Canada. One pricing model is volume-base which has two approaches, namely quality-base pricing and the other one is pay per call. Data type base model is another model which charge based on the type of data customers’ needs. In terms of disadvantage of this type of service is the reliance of the customer’s on the ability of the internet service provider to be up always, just like in cloud computing.