Business cards are often the most effective way to ensure that prospects remember your company. However, most people receive or take many business cards that they lose track of them. Others put them away, never remembering to see what’s on them. Full-color cards with vivid images always make the right impression, right off the bat.

A professional photo lab provides the best quality images. Customers are more likely to pay attention to cards with a photo or another eye-catching design. Companies that offer tangible products benefit from using cards with pictures of their most popular lines. Your customers are also more likely to share the cards with others.

Color business cards are an economical alternative to many other types of advertising. Full-color flyers are expensive for some uses, and some companies might not have the distribution list to justify postcards. Business cards in full color are a good way to provide prospects with a snapshot, so to speak, of what your company offers.

One feature that is a part of many business cards is a color insert. In addition to providing extra color, they also serve another purpose. When you have several cards in a wallet or box, it’s easy to pick out a card with a color insert. Color inserts also attract prospects to stacks of cards that are out to take.

Premium cards feature better paper, which helps ensure that they withstand everyday abuse. Few people will keep business cards that end up ripped and tattered. You also want to make sure that your cards will keep their shape if you have many of them left out in public places for people to take. Premium paper makes a better impression.

There are a lot of fun things you can do with color business cards. Add a coupon or some other incentive to your text. Consider encouraging your customers to sign up using a code to get special deals. If you give your customers something special that they can only access with taking action, they will pay closer attention to your cards and your company message.