2010 negosyo ideas

The first decade of the twentieth century is about to close and in about 2 days from now we welcome 2010 starting a new decade. Happy New Year to our readers and followers of NegosyoIdeas.com, in the coming year we plan to have more great negosyo idea informations and more features on the website so please do watch for it.

Here is an article from the New York Times “Endpaper: Patents”, creations patented in 2009 are sorted and classified by labels like “When Life Isn’t Exciting Enough,” “Reinventing the Wheel,” and “Department of Questionable Judgment.”

Inventions include a bacon comb, an inflatable Christmas tree, water-draining shoes and a retractable chopstick.

Innovative entrepreneurs out there maybe you’ve had an idea for an invention you’d like to patent, or maybe you’ve just identified a need that an enterprising inventor could meet. Tell us about your idea, or describe a need, large or small, that you wish a 2010 invention could address. Put them in the comments.

Photo by NYTimes.