Here in the Philippines the small businesses are not usually practicing collecting mailing address or email address of their customers or clients. Perhaps because of the expensive cost of mailing envelops at the post office only the large corporations can afford. With the popularity of the Internet almost all Filipinos now have some email address to contact them. This is a great opportunity to collect your customers email address and build a large email listing. The advantage of having an email listing is that you can send out newsletters to your customers or clients about updates of your business such as new product updates or services.

In the U.S. this is already widely practice and it’s called Email marketing. It doesn’t cost so much to send an email even on a daily basis since all you need is an internet connection and a computer to send out to your email listing. Of course you don’t have to send email on a daily basis or else you will be regarded as a spammer and you can get ban. Building an email marketing list can be as simple as collecting and collating from your customer forms that have been filled up or running some kind of a contest to get their email addresses.