Saki's Pizza

Image by The Pizza Review via Flickr

For pizza parlor out there, here is a great idea to add in your pizza menu to add more uniqueness on your products. When a business professor challenge a sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis  to formulate a business plan for a class project. Having experienced the benefits of gluten and dairy-free eating as a competitive tennis player and frustrated with the poor taste of suitable foods available in supermarkets, he set out to develop a pizza that was both delicious and healthy.

Working with local St. Louis renowned chef, Eric Brenner, he succeeded. His company, BOLD Organics is currently distributed throughout 200 stores around the country, including independent shops and chains.

BOLD Organics’ mission is about creating healthy, great-tasting products that consumers will have fun eating. Aaron and Chef Eric developed a line of pizzas that are bold in flavor (hence the name!) and were bold in the sense that no one had ever tried before to make a great tasting, healthy pizza that was gluten-free, dairy-free and certified organic. I think there is a market of gluten or dairy allergy here in the Philippines.