Bamboo is a remarkable plant, capable of growing up to three feet a day and producing 35% more oxygen than trees of a similar size. However, greenwashing remains a threat to the industry, particularly as some products labeled as bamboo are actually bamboo plastic composites and are not biodegradable.

To address these concerns and ensure clear sustainability credentials, Bambrew, a winner of Zomato’s 2024 Packathon Challenge, has developed a multi-purpose sustainable packaging solution suitable for textiles and foods. Made from a fully biodegradable mix of bamboo, sugarcane, and seaweed, Bambrew’s packaging is grease- and water-resistant, heat-sealable, compostable, and includes a printable surface.

The material is strong yet flexible and can be either see-through or opaque. For e-commerce uses, the packaging is more rigid and resembles brown paper. For foods, whether those with a long shelf life or hot takeaways, the grease-proof, water-proof aspect of the packaging makes it an ideal replacement for single-use, non-recyclable plastics. The printable surface allows brands to advertise and label their goods as needed.

Bambrew’s packaging is handmade in India, with the company working with local communities to build and strengthen local economies through sustainable bamboo production and manufacturing. In one year, the company’s products helped reduce carbon emissions from plastic packaging production and use by 125,000 tonnes.

Application in the Philippines

Given the Philippines’ significant environmental challenges related to plastic waste, Bambrew’s packaging presents an excellent opportunity for sustainable development. The country’s rich bamboo resources can be utilized to create local manufacturing hubs, boosting the economy and providing employment while reducing reliance on non-recyclable plastics.

Bambrew’s packaging solution can be particularly beneficial for the Philippines’ food industry, which heavily relies on single-use plastics. The water- and grease-resistant properties of Bambrew’s packaging make it ideal for both street food vendors and established restaurants, ensuring that food remains fresh and intact during delivery and consumption. Moreover, the printable surface offers businesses the opportunity to brand their products, enhancing marketing efforts and customer engagement.

By adopting Bambrew’s biodegradable packaging, the Philippines can significantly reduce plastic pollution, support local industries, and promote a more sustainable future.