Just realized we can also profit from climate change and at the same help mother earth. In an interview by Spiegel Online, British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson argues that climate change will only be taken seriously when companies can find ways to profit from it. The battle to prevent global warming, he argues, requires brains and creativity.

SPIEGEL: Sir Richard, do you know the German word “Angst”?

Branson: Of course I do. We in England have adopted the term “German angst” from you.

SPIEGEL: One of the approaches to stop climate change that you are favoring is carbon capture and storage, meaning filtering out the carbon dioxide emitted from industrial plants and storing it underground. This method is very controversial in Germany because of safety concerns. Are the Germans excessively timid?

Branson: I don’t want to criticize the Germans, but I do believe that we need new technologies to stop climate change. German industry in particular could make significant contributions in this regard. You just have to look at what companies such as Bosch, Siemens and BASF have accomplished in the past to realize this.

Interview conducted by Alexander Neubacher of Spiegel Online