This negosyo idea very fit here in the Philippines where many people still practice the back-breaking way of cleaning clothes. The GiraDora human-powered washer and spin dryer is an in-expensive alternative to hand washing, and could help to break the cycle of poverty in developing nations.

Washing clothing by hand can take up to five hours per load, because each item is washed individually. In contrast, the GiraDora can wash clothes by the load, saving large amounts of time and effort as well as reducing back and wrist strain. To use, the plastic tub is filled with water, soap, and clothing and then capped with a lid. The operator sits on the lid and pumps the spring-loaded foot pedal to spin the interior chamber, which can both agitate the clothing in the water and spin them dry as the water drains out.

The GiraDora costs only $40, which is one-fifth the cost of the next cheapest spin-dryer on the market. Its low cost makes it accessible to more families and creates income options as well.

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