A new beach wear in China is having a rage there right now, It’s called Face-Kini. Floppy oversized hats, top-notch SPF sunscreen, beach umbrellas — there are a million ways to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, but we bet you’ve never heard of this one: the face-kini. All the rage on the beaches of China, the face-kini is a protective head mask that guards the skin from the sun. (They also protect against insects and jellyfish.) Face-kinis come in a variety of styles, cost less than $5, and are also often paired with full bodysuits.

While we feel strongly about protecting your skin, we have to admit the face-kini is kinda scary. It makes the wearer look like they’re staring in a horror movie, a la “Chainsaw Massacre.” And while we’re sure there are benefits to wearing these creepy masks. I wonder this will also happen here in the Philippines because most Asians are very conscious of their skin complexion. but then again, who knows this will be popular also since it’s quite affordable.

Indian Express