So you have a negosyo idea in mind now and is ready to start it but you need some funds in order to have your ideal realize. Well there are many ways on raising funds for your new project. This can be thru partnership with close friends, relatives and venture capitalists. You can also borrow from a bank or some other kinds of financial institutions. But most of this traditional ways to raise funds have some drawbacks and requires lots of preparations like making a feasibility studies.

Another possible way is raising funds through the web and there is a website designed for that called Please Fund, you can visit there site at You can virtually raise any kind of money whether this is for business or for charity cause. The site can help you ask your friends, relatives and would be supporters of your idea by promoting it through sharing the page, email, facebook and twitter. Collecting the money is so easy since everything is over the web. Your friends, relatives and supporters can charge it with their credit card. Raising money through this website is so easy you can start receiving donations in the next 15 minutes that is how easy it is.