Gym are sprouting everywhere here in the Philippines and starting a new one will be quite competitive but here is a great negosyo idea to enter the market in a new niche.

Realizing that regular gyms can be intimidating to overweight users, Downsize Fitness has tailored its fitness centers to bigger customers to make them feel more at ease while exercising.

With gyms in Chicago and Dallas, the company has selected staff trained in helping obese people lose weight. Downsize Fitness’ policy means that only those who are at least 50 pounds overweight can take part in the programs available at the centers, fostering a more welcoming atmosphere for larger customers with less potential for anxiety or embarrassment. Members are offered a personal trainer, who works with them every time they visit and also monitors their eating habits. Team training sessions are also included to provide a more supportive environment.

Downsize Fitness is going a long way to help overweight people feel less like outsiders when they visit the gym, encouraging repeat trips and ultimately improving their health. A report from springwise.